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Testimonials of Love Chiropractic Center

This place is great, the atmosphere is relaxed which is nice. The staff members are super friendly. Dr. Chris does an amazing job, I was in a lot of pain and from the first adjustment I was doing a lot better. He has regimented me down over time so I don't feel like I'm going needlessly. It is also very affordable. - Kaity R. -

Amazing chiropractor! Listens to your issues and targets the culprit... truly the best results by far! - Clinton K.-

I’ve been going to LOVE for a while now and I can say he is very genuine all about his patients and truly an amazing guy. He and his wife run a solid practice and have a great staff. - David F. -

Over the years Dr's. Stephen Love & Tiffany Love and their dedicated staff have served many patients that have suffered immensely, we occasionally ask in return for them to write about how they feel about our services and how best we can improve them. The below testimonials are some assurances to our New Patients that are reviewing our services that we continue to provide our patients the same care to each and everyone who walks through our doors.

"I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Love and the entire staff. Always friendly and professional and will go out of their way to help you. By far the best chiropractic care and sports medicine care in central Florida." Lynn K.

"I was in so much pain yesterday. My right shoulder was all jacked neck and shoulders hurt so bad. I am a massage therapist and knew I could not give 4 deep tissue massages without some relief. I also had pain in the right side of my throat and lymph node. Crazy huh? I've never had that before. Pure misery. I called Dr. Love's office and they got me in that same day. I am feeling soooo much better and just want to thank you so much! Seriously, thank you so much!!!" Sandy B."I recently hurt my back working in the garage and decided to give chiropractic a try because massage alone wasn't making it feel better. Steve Love was thorough, gentle with the injury, and helped get me back up and pain free in a matter of days. If you have a back or spine issue, don't hesitate to give Love Chiropractic a call." Rob G.

"I brought my 1 year old to Dr. Tiffany Love after my mom suggested I try an infant chiropractor to help my baby with his severe sleep issues and general discomfort while in his high chair, car seat, during diaper changes, while trying to walk, and especially at night . Dr. Love realized that my son had a misaligned pelvis, causing pain and also causing one leg to be shorter. I saw huge improvement in his walking and General well being after one treatment, and continued improvement after the second. She is excellent and I have recommended Love Chiropractic to others." Dana R.

"Absolutely the best Chiropractors in Polk! They are a very friendly, helpful and caring office that take the time to explain symptoms and address the issues. I give them 5+ stars!"

"Recomiendo esta parejita de Quiroprácticos son muy amables y honestos. Toman su tiempo en explicar la razón de su dolor y ponen manos a la obra para ayudar lo a mejorar/sanar. Les doy 5+ estrellas!" Ellie C.

"This doesn't seem like a big deal to most...a 13 month old crawling. But I am so proud! Ever since Violet was tiny she would cry like she was in pain every time we laid her on her tummy. We figured she just didn't like it and she has always been most interested in being on her feet trying to walk around. At 9 months I started worrying about it some but kept telling myself all kids do things at different times and she seems completely healthy in all other ways! Cruising on furniture, clever and silly, bright eyed, repeating some words and sounds, eats well.. But I still just felt like something had to be wrong. We decided to take her to Dr. Tiffany about a month ago and I am so glad we did! (I had taken her to a chiro when she was about a month old and he said he didn't specialize in babies and hardly looked at her and said she was probably fine). Dr Tiffany said Violet was pretty badly out of alignment which was causing pain when she tried to push herself up like that to crawl. After being adjusted, the SAME DAY she started scooting around! We have kept up with appointments weekly (as she has been in that bad alignment so long, it tries to slip back) and last night she got up on her hands and knees!! She has been crawling around all day! She mostly wants to walk still but she is doing so good. I'm so happy I finally went with my gut and took her in! I was beating myself up feeling bad I didn't take her sooner, but can't go back now so I'll just keep looking forward.

Thank you so much, Love Chiropractic!" Chelsea T.

"Love the Loves. Best DOCTORS ever." Denise B

"I'm thankful I've found a good doctor. He cares about every patient and takes the time to talk to each of us as though we were the only patient he had. He tailors treatment to each individual. He really cares...................and cost is reasonable." Diana S.

"Steve and Tiffany are amazing people. They are friendly and they are also the best in the business at what they do. A good friend of mine had neck problems and dizziness for over a year and Steve fixed his problems over just a few treatments. I had back problems and in just one treatment Steve was able to fix me up with the knowledge i needed to keep my pain away." Randal V

Love Chiropractic Center
5227 US Highway 98 South
Lakeland, FL 33812
(863) 709-1600